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Henna Tattoos are safe and non-toxic. .We only use 100% Certified Organic all-natural  Henna and essential oils which smell incredible and really help to create a soothing spa-experience

Each tattoo can take several minutes up to an hour to apply, depending on complexity of the design.

For parties, we bring a design book filled with tried and tested designs that take only a few minutes to apply.

****Before your appointment, please refrain from any lotions or oils  on the area you wish to have henna applied.

Welcome to the ancient  art of Mehndi, temporary Henna tattoos. For over 5000 years, Henna has been used as a form of body decoration. People have adorned themselves throughout the centuries with Henna for weddings, festivals, and many important occasions – even to ward off evil!
Henna is the Arabic word for the powder derived from the dried leaves of the Lawesonina Inermis plant, found in South Asia and North Africa. In Hindi, this is called Mehndi. The powder is mixed with pure essential oils, lemon juice, and sugar, creating a smooth paste. It is then applied to the skin in intricate patterns. Henna Tattoos are painless and temporary, and will last 1 to 3 weeks with the proper care.

   For the look of henna  without the commitment, we also offer “White Henna” (Its not really henna at all, but is created with face paints ) or ‘Liquid Bling’, glitter and mica gels made especially for the skin. Rhinestones and gems may also be added for a beautiful, jeweled effect. These may last up to three days with the proper care. Perfect for brides who like the look of henna, yet want it match the dress!

  WE DO NOT USE ‘BLACK HENNA’.  Natural henna is NEVER black! Black henna usually contains PPD-( para- phenylenediamine-) a synthetic dye known to cause severe reactions in people. It can blister and permanently scar your skin!If you have a ‘henna’ tattoo that is black and has started to itch or blister, get to the ER immediatly!

Traveler’s beware! “Black Henna” is popular among street vendors at beaches, and abroad! Be sure to ask about their Henna, or if it looks black, stay far away! ** friends dont let friends get “black henna”**

How do you know if what you see is “PPD Black Henna”?
PPD paste is jet black.
Ask how long it takes to stain and how long it lasts. If the answers are “just an hour or two” and “a week or more”, it’s PPD.
Ask what colour it will give. If the answer is “pure black”, it’s PPD.
Ask to see an ingredients list. If the artist can’t supply one, or you don’t like what you see, leave the area