face painting for parties and events

Orlando Fl. and surrounding areas

spider web face painting design
spidey senses
dia de los muertos face painting design
sugar skull
mardi gras face painting design
mardi gras


puppy face painting design
Puppy time
child with face painting of a tiger
graffiti style face painting design
Graffiti style

Face Painting Orlando, one smile at a time!

We don’t just ‘face paint’, we AIRBRUSH face paint! The differences are striking, the quality is stunning and the smiles are priceless!


 No smudging, no smearing, no stained faces!

This style is perfect for pool parties, outdoor events, or large crowds. We can produce 1-2 minute designs- often called cheek art- or more detailed creations- full face-that take about 3-5 minutes per person.

 Think about it… never again do you have to stand at  the chair to snap a picture before the artwork smears or gets rubbed off! How cool is that?!

Yes, your child can sleep with the face painting on ( we all know they ask for this!)  No, it wont stain the sheets! OK, I’ll bet your wondering how to get it off your little darlings face, right? Simple..use soap! Yeah, that’s it! Any liquid soap ( think baby shampoo ) or makeup remover will work.  Rub it in, then wipe off with a wash cloth or paper towel. Viola! All clean.

All  products are FDA compliant, Hypoallergenic and safe for any age. That said, many of the littlest ones dont like being painted so we limit the ages to 2 yo and up. Our paint( actually makeup, but dont tell the boys!) is VEGAN.

 Minimum time is 2 hrs .

Princess or Pirate party!

Make their dreams come to life!

Traditional style face painting ( sponge and brush) for up to 15 guests! The best in creative princess or pirate face painting designs!


Princesses are treated to our ultimate designs with beautiful ‘bling’ gemstone clusters &  color coordinated cosmetic glitter, plus a themed waterproof glitter tattoo for each guest.

Your swashbuckler will be standing proud with his painted patch, colorful bandana and “Jolly Roger” designs while he negotiates the conditions of a “parley”! A themed mica tattoo is included for each guest.


 up to 1.5 hours